Reflexion Space

Ergonomic, three dimensional urban interface

Vienna, Austria
High-technology space
Completed, 2005
15 m²
with Tom Wünschmann,
in collaboration with University
of Applied Arts Vienna,
Institute of Architecture and
Department for DIGITAL ARTS
Vislab (Programming Interface)

Exhibition MAK (Austrian Museum of Applied Arts)
Vienna 2005

Das BLICKFELD umfasst den Bereich, in dem bei fester Kopfhaltung und bewegten Augen Gegenstände fixiert werden können.
Das GESICHTSFELD umfasst den Bereich, der bei fester Kopfstellung und fixierenden Augen überschaut werden kann.

Girl and space
Docking station for mobile device

“REFLEXION SPACE”, an ergonomic, three-dimensional interface based on an intuitive navigation of movement enables the user to edit every day´s data in order to reflect on and process it. A personalized space is generated that appeals to the senses and constitutes an opportunity to retreat from the urban context.

Unfiltered information, atmospheres and impressions in form of image, sound and writing serve as input for “REFLEXION SPACE” which can be buffered fast and effectively in the daily routine with the help of, for instance, smartphones, PADs and other multimedia devices.

“REFLEXION SPACE” is a public space of retreat allowing the users in a time of ever increasing amount of information to consciously perceive and reflect on themselves and their environment.

Diagrammatic section
Sequence of usage
Profile - Operating range
Interior view
Layers of interaction

Exhibition MAK (Austrian Museum of Applied Arts)
Vienna 2005

Interior view
Programming interface